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Personalization and Relevant Marketing

The average person is exposed to close to two million messages per year or about 5,000 each day. The fact is, we notice only several thousand and remember just a handful. Cutting through the ever-growing clutter remains a principal challenge for today's marketers. What does it take for you to be noticed - and remembered?

Relevant marketing is getting the right message to the right people at the right time using the right medium. Several printing technologies and data research options make personalization and relevant marketing doable and affordable for small and mid-sized marketers.

Using your current customer data to deliver more relevant messages and offers will bring a better response rate in any given marketing campaign. To be sure, targeted and measurable advertising is always preferred, but never more so than when budgets are tight.

A variable data campaign using a clean, updated database gets a higher response rate. Variable images or text that target or identify buyers based on gender, ethnicity, age or other lifestyle choice will be more relevant to the reader than generic promotional pieces. A personalized campaign eliminates the cost of maintaining inventory of preprinted forms with little to no value for targeting a specific group of people with individualized needs.

8 Top Reasons for Personalization with Variable Data

  1. Attracts attention and reaches audience sooner.
  2. Increases retention.
  3. Communicating relevant information helps increase the number of new customers or those apt to buy a new product or service.
  4. One-to-one communication lowers cost of acquiring a new customer.
  5. Decreases postage costs per mailer.
  6. Improves the response or number of responses per campaign.
  7. Increases the lifetime value of a client.
  8. Helps marketers justify and measure results to gain a greater return on investment.